1. A teen’s perspective: depression and anxiety… how to find the help and happiness you deserve

published July 10th, 2019


2. A Dad’s perspective on how to support a teen suffering from depression and anxiety

published on July 16th, 2019


  3. A sister’s perspective: what does depression and anxiety look like? How do you support a sibling struggling? How did therapy help our family?  

published July 17th, 2019


4. Teen depression: personal experiences, how to feel happy, surviving school + friendships + family, and find treatment if you need it

published July 24th, 2019


5. 5. Teen anxiety: how to cope, using skills, and surviving school

published July 31st, 2019


6. Building and maintaining fulfilling, healthy, loving relationships with family members, friends, and peers

published August 7th, 2019


7. A comprehensive guide to adolescent treatment: outpatient, inpatient, residential, therapeutic boarding school, DBT, CBT, and psychotherapy

published August 14th, 2019


8. A parent’s guide to adolescent treatment for depression and anxiety: family therapy, what it’s like sending your child away, and how it helped our family… feat. my Dad

published August 21st, 2019


9. Suicide Awareness Week 2019: a teen’s experience with suicidal ideation and recovery

published September 11th, 2019


10. A therapist’s perspective (Jacob Sparks, LMFT): therapeutic boarding school, healthy relationships, coping skills, self love, and recovering from depression and anxiety.

published September 23rd, 2019


11. A therapist’s perspective (Emily Thelen, MA+LCPC+CTRS): adjusting to change, societal norms, therapeutic boarding school, wilderness, and recovering from depression and anxiety.

published October 2nd, 2019


12. Adolescent residential treatment: what’s it like? how can you support someone in therapy? and how we recovered from depression and anxiety.

published October 16th, 2019


13. Adolescent residential treatment: Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, family relationships, and transitioning home

published October 23rd, 2019


14. The effect of depression and anxiety on a family… feat. my younger sister

published October 24th, 2019


15. How do you support a friend struggling with depression and anxiety while maintaining your own mental health?

published January 24th, 2020


16. DBT Education: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (an overview)... changing problem behaviors, validating, key principles to use when combatting teenage depression and anxiety

published February 21st, 2020


17. DBT Education: Intro to Mindfulness (the WHAT skills: Participate+Observe+Describe and States of Mind) with guided mindfulness practices!

published February 28th, 2020


18. DBT Education: Mindfulness continued (the HOW skills: Nonjudgmentally+Effectively+One-Mindfully, Loving Kindness, and Being vs Doing Mind)... skills for combatting depression and anxiety

published March 6th, 2020


19. DBT Education: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview... clarifying relational goals and disproving unhealthy beliefs ft. my younger sister

published March 11th, 2020


20. DBT Education: DEARMAN skill (Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, be Mindful, Appear confident, Negotiate)... how to get what you want from other people in an effective manor

published 18th, 2020


21. DBT Education: GIVE + THINK skills aka how to improve your relationships... navigating parental conflicts, friendships, and arguments

published March 20th, 2020


22. How to maintain your mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19) and self-quarantine

published April 3rd, 2020


23. A Dad's Perspective: Preconceptions About Adolescent Mental Health, Parenting Tips, and Our Growth as a Family

published April 10th, 2020


24. Teenage Break-Up Protocol: How to Figure Out if You Need to End a Relationships, the 8-Step Approach to Ending it, and Break-Up Horror Stories!

published April 24th, 2020


25. Collaboration with The Leeza Rants Podcast: Gaining Confidence, Navigating Social Media in a Healthy Way, Maintaining Productivity in Quarantine, and the Importance of Vulnerability!

published May 1st, 2020

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