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International Podcasting Day!

Happy International Podcasting Day 🎤 🎧 🎙️

Here are 6 of my all-time favorite episodes on She Persisted...

👉🏻 Episode 28: Blaise Aguirre M.D. (world-renowned psychiatrist, dialectical behavioral therapy expert, founder and medical director of 3East, and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School) and I sit down to reminisce about my time at 3East, discuss the benefits of dialectical behavioral therapy, the importance of taking ownership of your life, and the complexity of emotional experiencing.

👉🏻 Episode 32: Scout Sobel, co-host of Okay Sis podcast, host of Scout Podcast, and founder of Scout's Agency talks about her experience with bipolar, creating healthy relationships while navigating a mental illness, and her podcasts!

👉🏻 Episode 37: Audrey Bailey, the artist behind Brush and Barley and the host of Painted Pieces pdocast and I sit down to discuss her mental health journey, cultivating a relationship with God, and having faith when you've lost hope.

👉🏻 Episode 35: Cassandra McClure and I sit down to discuss her Clean Beauty Kit, Lash Binder, diversity in the beauty industry, the clean beauty movement, and entrepreneurship.

👉🏻 Episode 41: My close friend Daisye Byrd Graham and I sit down to discuss her life story, her experience in wilderness, and what it's like to recieve intensive mental health treatment at a young age.

👉🏻 Episode 38: Leo Flowers and I sit down to discuss suicde prevention, what to do when you're struggling with suicidal ideation, and his work in the mental health field.

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